Simply stated, this blog is intended to help anyone who wants to learn about or find video games that are fun and suitable for kids.

Games are rated, but sometimes games recommended for a particular age range are okay for other age ranges as well. I play video games, watch online shows about video games, and try to stay updated with game news. While I have no professional ties to the gaming industry, I do consider myself a “gamer.” I am also the older sister of a six-year-old brother who also loves video games. Despite this, I am skeptical of video games for their various negative impacts, and I do not like, play, or recommend games that lack story (without good reason), lack originality, or promote violence and aggression. Games are, however, a fantastic new storytelling medium and a sure source of entertainment for kids in a world where technology advances every day.

I will NOT be reviewing…

  • Apps and other exclusively mobile games (ex. Angry Birds, Temple Run 2, etc.)
  • Family games (ex. Nintendoland, Kinect Adventures, etc.)
  • Musical games (ex. Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, etc.)
  • Sports games (ex. Wii Sports, Big League Sports, etc.)
  • Games that are generally recognizable by parents (ex. Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Kirby, etc.)
  • Games that are clearly for children (ex. Learning with the PooYoos, Barbie Horse Adventure, etc.)
  • Games that are associated with movies, shows, books, or products (ex. LEGO games, Harry Potter games, etc.)

My posts include the following: Title, genre, rating, consoles, game description, skills required and recommended, general difficulty, level of violence, use of bad language, presence of a story, presence of a message, entertainment value, age range recommendation, and usual cost.



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